Remote Access QuickBooks Training & Support

With today’s remote access technology, we can provide you (and others in your business) with customized training on your computer just as if we were sitting there right by your side.

With this technology, we simply send you an email asking for your permission to view your computer screen from our office. Once you give us permission, we can see your computer screen. We can even take turns typing on your keyboard and controlling your mouse. We will be talking to you over the telephone while we are working with you on your computer.

Once the training session is completed, we will disconnect from your computer. We can no longer have access to your computer again, unless you give us permission to do so.

All you need is either a cable or fast access internet connection on your computer. If you use a dial up connection, the process slows down a little and you will need to have a separate telephone line for us to communicate.

  • QuickBooks Support — Remote Access
    One of the technical support options we provide is through remote access, where we can remotely connect to your computer and be able to navigate around, as if we were sitting at your desk. To start a remote session, click on the link below. Once you're at the site, click on the "Join a Meeting" button.

    Click here to initiate a remote session for QuickBooks Support.

      There is simply no better training than LIVE HANDS-ON TRAINING. Here’s why.

      With Remote Access QuickBooks Training & Support:
      1. You get the attention of a personal QuickBooks/Peachtree-Certified Instructor.

      2. We can work on your "live" accounting information, instead of a sample company that is used with other types of training opportunities.

      3. You receive "Hands-On" training instead of seminar style training.

      4. You will have a "live" instructor on the telephone while you are being trained on your computer. You can ask any question you like.

      5. Live, interactive, hands-on training will provide you with the fastest way to get up to speed.

      6. Remote access training is more affordable and convenient. You don’t have to pay for travel expenses or be away from your office. It is by far the best return for your investment.

      Benefits of Remote Access Training and How it Works
      1. Receive live "hands-on" classroom training in the convenience of your own home or office.

      2. No travel.

      3. No need to leave work.

      4. Invite additional associates to attend at no additional charge.

      5. Ask your questions live as if you are physically present.

      6. See the same screens and hear the questions raised by other students in the class.

    • One-on-One Personal Remote Access QuickBooks Training

      This is a customized training session designed to meet your specific personal training needs and to suit your schedule. You will receive “hands-on” personalized one-on-one custom training directly from one of our QuickBooks-Certified trainers via remote access. It is the closest thing to having a QuickBooks-certified consultant come to your office. Since this is a customized-to-your-needs training session, feel free to ask any questions or discuss any problems for which may need assistance.

      You can also obtain private training at reduced prices if you purchase our QuickBooks Technical Support & Remote Access Training Plans . Learn more about getting reduced prices for private one-on-one training by clicking here .

      Call us at 1-800-259-4213 to schedule a live one-on-one personal remote acess QuickBooks training session today!

      Clasroom Style Remote Access QuickBooks Training

      Can’t leave the office? Don’t want to travel? You can still attend our QuickBooks training classes via Internet Access. Conference in — direct from your office! You'll have a live instructor. You'll see the same presentation. You'll hear questions raised by other students......and you'll be able to ask your own quesions.

      Our QuickBooks training classes are held throughout Louisiana and are taught by CPA’s who are also "QuickBooks Certified" Consultants. Discover all the "Do’s & the Don’ts " on how to manage your QuickBooks accounting software.

      Please click on the below link to read more about our QuickBooks training classes, see course descriptions, class schedule, prices, and to register online.

    • QuickBooks Training Classes

    • (SBET) Small Business Employee Training
      FREE QuickBooks Accounting Training Services
      Provided by the Louisiana Department of Labor

      If your company has 50 or fewer employees and been in business for 3 or more years, you may be eligible for a 100% reimbursement through the NEW Louisiana Small Business Employee Training Program!

      - Do you or your employees need training for QuickBooks?

      - Does your business not have the funds to support training for QuickBooks?

      If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we may be the answer to your solution. Our clients are taking advantage of the Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP) to provide training for QuickBooks at no cost to them! You can too! Our consultants can assist you with the application process and get you 100% reimbursement on our training options for QuickBooks.

      Click on the link below or call us at 1-800-259-4213 for more details about this program and how we can help. Also, below are links to our other QuickBooks training options.

    • SBET Small Business Employee Training

    • QuickBooks Accounting On-Site Training
    • QuickBooks Accounting Training Classes
    • Remote Web-Based QuickBooks Accounting Training

    • Do you or your employees need training for QuickBooks Accounting software, but your business does not have the funds to support it? Well, believe it or not, your business may qualify for FREE training for QuickBooks Accounting software. We offer both onsite & classroom style training for QuickBooks Accounting software. Your business may be eligible to get anywhere from 50-100% reimbursement for onsite training & 100% for classroom training. You may also be eligible to receive financial assistance for business products such as checks and forms, and QuickBooks software. By becoming a Certified Small & Emerging Business, your business will qualify for free assistance with obtaining financing for your business.

      We can help you become certified. This includes getting your business certified, introducing your business to the funding agencies and preparing proposals for your business. Certification also qualifies you or your company for reimbursement of advertising (such as business cards & brochures) websites, and other types of training. The certification is good for seven years, so long as you continue to meet the qualifications.

      Call us at 1-800-259-4213 so we can help you get certified for FREE QuickBooks training!

      Click on the links below to see if you qualify and to learn more about our QuickBooks Accounting Training Services.

    • QuickBooks Accounting On-Site Training
    • QuickBooks Accounting Training Classes
    • Remote Web-Based QuickBooks Accounting Training

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