Quickbooks Import and Export Products
Save time and eliminate manual #data entry with our Importer, Exporter and Deleter tools.

Define and select field mapping based on import files like Excel, Access, Text, CSV, Tab Delimited Files. You can save time by entering data only once and eliminate duplicate data entry with the Transaction Importer.
A step by step wizard interface helps you select your next step. The application allows you to add or delete your uploaded data files before importing it to QuickBooks. After the process is complete, it creates an import log which lets you know it was successfully imported. There are options to import downloaded files from eCommerce sites.

• Import Bills, Checks, Estimates, Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Credit Card Charges

• Import Lists including custom fields! Accounts, Customers, Employees, Items, Other Names and Vendors

• Import bank statements

Mobile Time Cards for Construction
and Field Service

For contractors with seasonal and mobile workers that work in multiple locations throughout the day, logistics can be daunting, and illegible or lost employee time cards, the norm. From GPS tracking while employees are clocked in, to job costing and reporting in real time, to saving hours on invoicing and payroll each week, TSheets is the new favorite power tool for construction workers everywhere.

Eliminate the job site to office paper shuffle

Let your employees clock in and out from the job site with the device they already have in their pockets. Yes, we have Android Andy, iPhone Ivan, and Flip Phone Frank covered with all our mobile time tracking options. Even offline or out of service, TSheets accurately tracks time and automatically syncs when back in service.

Clock in the entire crew in seconds

Crew supervisors can lose valuable time clocking employees in and out and confirming who's working when messy paper time cards or punch clocks are involved. Using TSheets' Crew App, supervisors are able to clock the entire crew in (or out) in seconds and easily keep track of who is on the clock at any given time. No more inaccurate or inefficient time tracking at the job site. 

Dial in to have timesheet prompts in English or Spanish

Show your Spanish speaking employees some time tracking love. Individuals or entire crews can make a phone call and automatically receive time card prompts in Spanish or English. Eliminating the language barrier between the office and the crew increases efficiency, accuracy, and overall workplace morale.

Sync Your Timesheets to QuickBooks

Time is tracked and approved; now, with one click, easily export employee time to QuickBooks. With all your timesheet data synced, you can use your favorite QuickBooks tools to process payroll, calculate job costing, create invoices and more...but now in record time!

Online Time Tracking with GPS

Looking for easy-to-use time tracking with GPS for your mobile or remote employees? Using TSheets' online time tracking for iPhone, Android, or for Crews, GPS location points are automatically attached to the individual employee timesheet when they clock in or out, change job codes and more. Our GPS tracking even works on your Windows 8 phone.

Time Entry: Manual, Punch & Custom

Regardless of how your business would like to track and manage employee time, TSheets has a solution. Employees can clock in and out in real time, enter their time manually, and allocate time to custom fields, projects, or tasks. Using TSheets' detailed online time tracking, multilevel job coding and down-to-the-second time stamping, business insight has never been greater.

Tracking Employee Paid Time Off

An easy way to manage sick time, vacation time and paid time off (PTO). Everyone needs time off, for sick days, personal days, or their own Griswold family vacation. However your business currently tracks employee time off, we prescribe TSheets for tracking employee hours and managing employee PTO. Employees can request time off directly from the mobile app, and managers can approve the request just as easily.

Employee Alerts and Reminders

Simply and tactfully remind your employees to clock in and out with automatic reminders, and enjoy an increase in employee time tracking compliance of up to 99 percent. Save on costly overtime by taking advantage of customizable overtime alerts that notify managers and employees as daily or weekly limits approach.

Employee Scheduling

It's time to retire Excel and your whiteboard for scheduling that's easy to use and easy to love for employees and managers alike. Whether you schedule your employees by jobor by shift, TSheets Scheduling works hand in hand with time tracking. Create and edit a schedule in minutes, see who's working in real time (so you know who's available to take a job), notify employees of schedule changes and assignments with text, email, or push notifications, and get alerts if employees haven't clocked into a job or shift as scheduled.

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